Third Party Event

22 Apr 2015 - 23 Apr 2015

AASCS 2015 is organised to stimulate sustainability of urban systems and collaborate in the promotion of inter-country dependence in the continent of Asia and Africa. It is also a platform to develop ideas and solve the problems that occur in the big cities with smart city systems.

This conference serves as a forum to share knowledge among countries in Asia and Africa. It is also a platform from which to better understand the current issues in the city. In addition, the event will serve to enhance cooperation and collaboration among the South Nations.

The event will be attended by representatives of municipalities from countries in Asia and Africa, industry, educator and academics as well as parties who have concerns in the smart city field.

Panel Sessions will be held to discuss the various problems faced by each city from the various countries. AASCS will also open several clusters to discuss several topics such as:

  1. Smart city model
  2. Disaster and environment
  3. Smart government
  4. Smart city management business model
  5. Smart city transport
  6. The role of young people and entrepreneurs
  7. The citizens/residents of the smart city
  8. Smart city payment systems and also smart health care

For more information, please visit the event website