Third Party Event

10 Nov 2016

It is estimated that over 300 participants from more than 30 countries will join the industrial festival. The sectors covered by this event include authorities, utilities and IPPs, manufacturers and technologies providers, multinational financing organisations and commercial banks, consultants and lawyers.



The exclusive session named ‘Project Round Table’ differentiates the 4th GMS (Myanmar) from other events. The roundtable discussion features a direct business Q&A between the local project owners and investors from the international community. With each of the project owners taking up a table, investors can choose their keen projects and initiate the questions that they deem essential. The duration of the Q&A per round is set to be 40 minutes, and after a brief tea break, the investor will be granted a second chance to another interested project and further discussion. What’s more, with respect to the developer-investor requirement, the organising committee will also prepare for possible site visits and company visits on November 29 (pre-day).