Third Party Event

10 May 2022 - 12 May 2022

China’s Prefabricated Buildings is Ushering in Rapid Market Growth
According to the MOHURD, the Chinese government has strongly advocated prefabricated construction in housing and infrastructure projects. It is predicted that by 2022, more than 30% of new buildings in China will adopt prefabricated construction, striving to reach 40% by 2025. As an important industry of the China’s economy, prefabricated building industry is bracing for high-speed growth and promising prospects.

Preview of CIHIE 2022
The whole industrial chain of prefabricated buildings is estimated to get together, bringing more business opportunities for the building industry! Moreover, CIHIE 2022 will be endorsed by a panel of experienced enterprises, such as Country Garden, Sany Group, Changsha Broad Homes Industrial Group, CMIC Drawn, Tuyuan, Jianzhuang, Wangtat, Philigreen, Wanhua, DSUN Group, Juyi Science and Technology Group, Guolong Technology, AluHouse Technology, Guizu Group, jointly providing a superior show for global insiders!

Review of CIHIE 2021
Over 300 quality enterprises showcased their latest products and solutions, including Broad Modular Integration, Yahgee, Kuaijiang, Kong Sing Group, GoodRV, BNBM Group, Tiandao, AISHANGGUIZU, Syhome, FrameMac, Xinshuo, SINOMASTER, Baodu, DaHeZhongBang, Jianshu, KAIJING, KAIJING, Brandnew and etc. As the world’s biggest provider of modular building systems, CIMC MBS has specially invited their industry partners like DANSN, Lamett, KOJO, Coordinated Lin, HYDROBLOK, IBOND, and etc. to share a gigantic booth of 220 sq.m.

Exhibition Scope

  • Prefabricated buildings, modular houses, container homes, light-steel villas, leisure holiday houses, etc;
  • Prefabricated components, residential full renovation, industrialized interior decorations, roofing and wall materials, tiles, and etc.;
  • Steel structure buildings, building envelopes, steel-structure materials, and construction industrial equipment, and etc.

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