Cover of The Report: Djibouti 2018

The Report: Djibouti 2018

Located at a juncture between Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Djibouti has easy access to international trade routes via the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, and borders fast-growing yet landlocked Ethiopia, making it an ideal continental hub. New ports, railway links and road improvement projects are enhancing economic efficiencies and providing a solid platform to bolster expansion in sectors.

Having long enjoyed relative security and stability – avoiding many of the conflicts that have beset its neighbours – Djibouti has gained a valuable reputation as a safe haven in an often-troubled region, and is a key entryway to the Horn of Africa, with access to the Red Sea. Furthermore, the country is continuing to progress its long-term development policy, Djibouti Vision 2035. The plan focuses on five main developmental pillars: maintaining peace and national unity, diversifying the economy, maintaining good governance, investing in human capital and pursuing regional integration. In line with this vision the government is looking to strengthen external competitiveness, promote access to the internet, and cement Djibouti’s place as an international information exchange and regional digital platform.


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