Health & Education
From The Report: Djibouti 2018
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Meeting the health care needs of Djibouti’s citizens in both concentrated urban areas and diffuse rural populations has led to differentiated policies based on region. To achieve the goal of universal coverage, the government has committed to improving health care access in the inner regions, providing care to vulnerable populations and boosting coordination with global partnerships in support of its Vision 2035 development strategy, which is prioritising investment in human capital through education and health care. This will build upon the comprehensive overhaul of the Djiboutian education system in 2000, which helped provide 80% of the population with access to education by 2016. Efforts to close the gap for the remaining 20% continue to be the object of significant outreach projects conducted by the government in tandem with international development organisations. This chapter contains an interview with Moustapha Mohamed Mahamoud, Minister of National Education and Vocational Training.