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Near-term sentiment is on the rise among Dubai’s business leaders, with the IMF forecasting a healthy GDP growth rate of 4.2% in 2019 for the emirate. While not as exposed as some of its regional neighbours to the effects of fluctuating commodities prices in recent times, Dubai nevertheless stands to benefit from the knock-on effects of higher prices over the last year.

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What source markets comprise the largest shares of medical tourists to Dubai?

The UAE’s drive to develop its space research capacity will see a Mars probe launch in 2020, with the country also seeking to boost synergies with global academic institutions and space agencies, in order to strengthen human resources and enhance data sharing in the field.

New financing and financial security channels are likely to help export and re-exporting firms in Dubai cement recent gains and create a foundation for the emirate’s further growth as a retail transit centre.

During the first year of its implementation, what overall impact did value-added tax (VAT) have on consumer demand and operating costs in the retail sector?

In a boost to its standing as a centre for advanced research and innovation, Dubai has been chosen to host an affiliate centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network, an initiative of the World Economic Forum (WEF).


Even as a years-long softening in the rental and sales prices of Dubai’s real estate continued in 2018, industry experts agree that any further market corrections from the highs of 2014 that have not yet played out will not extend beyond 2020. Moreover, amid the decline in average property prices, the sector has grown considerably both in...