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As Egypt is the most-populous Arab nation and third-most populous in Africa, population pressure is driving the nation’s economic agenda, with an estimated 3.5m young Egyptians entering the labour force by 2023. Recent years have seen an array of public initiatives aimed at encouraging private sector activity, but these remain hampered by a challenging economic backdrop and structural hurdles.

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On August 6 Egypt received the sixth and final tranche of a three-year, $12bn loan programme from the IMF, and the country is now set to build on its legacy.

How is the rise of financial technology (fintech) changing the role of banks in financial services and in what ways will this impact the regulatory climate?

Egypt’s global reputation as a destination for heritage tourism has been strengthened by a series of major archaeological finds. In tandem with investment in new infrastructure, the new discoveries are expected to support a recent rebound in the sector’s fortunes.

What is being done to meet the population's growing demand for energy?

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Egypt in brief Building off the past: Egypt looks to increase its influence in connecting the MENA region with the rest of Africa Interview: President Abdel Fattah El Sisi Pushing for policy: Recent political and social changes are preparing the country to take on historical and modern challenges Africa bound: Egypt is looking to work with African...

Articles & Analysis | Egypt in brief: from The Report: Egypt 2019

The country has been able to build strong financial buffers since the Egyptian pound was floated: in December 2018 foreign reserves stood at $44.5bn, compared to less than $17bn at the end of 2016. Looking ahead, the IMF estimates that GDP will grow by 5.5% in 2019 and 5.9% in 2020, powered mainly by a recovery in tourism and rising natural gas...