Cote D Ivoire 2015 Tourism

After years of neglect due to political instability, the tourism industry in Côte d’Ivoire is expected to enjoy a steady recovery as government efforts lead the rejuvenation of the country’s hotel, transport and national attractions infrastructure. Numerous transport and hotel projects currently under way are expected to boost national capacity and help connect travellers to attractions throughout the country. Meanwhile, the introduction of the new tourism code in 2015 will strengthen the position of formal travel agencies and reduce the operations of informal entities. In terms of boosting visitor arrivals, the significant reduction in the price for tourist visas is likely to have a positive effect, as is the shift to the online visa application system.

This chapter contains an interview with Wolfgang M Neumann, President and CEO, the Rezidor Hotel Group.

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Sketch of Wolfgang Neumann, President and CEO, the Rezidor Hotel Group
Wolfgang Neumann, President and CEO, the Rezidor Hotel Group: Interview