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From The Report: Cote d'Ivoire 2015
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With no less than six operators in a market of close to 20m inhabitants, Côte d’Ivoire’s telecommunications industry is competitive. However, with limited data usage, the scope for growth in revenues is sizeable. Mobile voice is by far the biggest generator of revenues in Côte d’Ivoire’s telecoms sector, representing close to 75% of revenues in 2013. Demand for voice services may be plateauing, but with 3G technologies deployed by the country’s biggest players, the short- and medium-term outlook is bright. Significant potential therefore remains in the sector to complement call tariffs, particularly in fixed-line and mobile internet segments. Despite high access costs, internet usage rates are gradually rising and the National Broadband Project should help further raise connection levels while at the same time putting downward pressure on tariffs. Sound growth fundamentals of the mobile money segment are testament to the potential popularity of e-services in the market and bode well for those with an appetite to deepen it. Meanwhile, fiscal and regulatory pressures aimed at optimising service standards are expected to become a more regular feature of the market, especially in light of the upcoming presidential elections in 2015 and the public drive to raise funding to complete ongoing, large-scale infrastructure projects.

This chapter contains interviews with Bruno Nabagné Koné, Minister of Post, Information Technology and Communication; and Michel Combes, CEO, Alcatel-Lucent.