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This article also features in Saudi Arabia’s economy is positioned for growth in the coming years. Read more about this report and view purchase options in our online store.

Saudi Arabia’s economy is positioned for growth in the coming years

Saudi Arabia | Economy

Market Profile Video

Oxford Business Group has launched The Report: Saudi Arabia 2022. This Market Profile video highlights how the Kingdom’s diversified approach to economic development is helping to position it as one of the fastest-growing G20 economies in 2022. The Report shines a spotlight on key developments in manufacturing, petrochemicals and mining, and the ways in which leaders are capitalising on the country’s natural resource wealth to generate downstream value-added businesses. Alongside these sectors, the high potential in service industries such as tourism and entertainment is anticipated to not only improve residents’ quality of life, but also create new jobs. Another focus area of The Report is the transition to a knowledge-based economy through the buildup of ICT infrastructure and research and development. Related initiatives seek to encourage multinational companies to establish their regional headquarters in the capital Riyadh, bringing with them the potential for further investment and employment. To meet these ambitions, the country has implemented education reforms to curricula and teaching methodology to prepare its workforce. For more information and in-depth analysis from public and private sector leaders and on-the-ground experts, read The Report: Saudi Arabia 2022.

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