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    Many emerging markets are working to build their manufacturing sectors to maximise the value of their natural resources. OBG provides an overview, highlighting key areas for investment. Typical industries covered include agro-food, automotive, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and textiles.
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Sobre la base de más de una década de crecimiento sólido, México espera tener dentro de los próximos tres a cinco años una de las 10 principales industrias aeroespaciales del mundo.

How have government measures like the introduction of import tariffs affected domestic industry?

What is your outlook for Papua New Guinea’s retail sector in the coming 12 months?

With a mood of cautious optimism, Papua New Guinea’s retail sector is recovering from a period of uncertainty caused by the devastating earthquake in Hela Province in early 2018. That same year was marked by sluggish growth before the APEC Leaders’ Summit in November 2018 triggered an upturn in the hospitality and general retail sectors, and encouraged businesses to invest...

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the engines of global economic growth and employment, accounting for an average of 33% of GDP and 45% of the workforce in high-income countries, and over 60% of GDP and 70% of employment in developing economies. In the case of the latter, the rise in the number of SMEs has been crucial to economic diversification and resilience,...

What is the short- and medium-term outlook for the retail sector in Papua New Guinea?