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Las compañías mexicanas están avanzando rápidamente en la adopción de la tecnología digital para mejorar la eficiencia y la productividad de sus operaciones, de acuerdo con lo que revelan nuevos estudios; sin embargo, las cifras del sector muestran que existen oportunidades para avanzar aún más en el campo de la innovación.

Thailand has taken a step towards formalising its digital asset trade, introducing new rules governing cryptocurrencies that could boost confidence in the market and address concerns over investor security.

The recent launch of Ghana’s long-awaited mobile money interoperability platform is expected to deepen financial inclusion and further the central bank’s “cash-lite” agenda.

Sharjah has long played an important economic and cultural role in the UAE, and boasts one of the most diversified economies by regional standards, with no individual sector accounting for more than 20% of GDP.


The Sri Lanka mobile internet market is experiencing fast, healthy growth. As technology improves and consumer habits change, the online world is quickly moving from desktop to handheld devices. In some ways Sri Lanka is already ahead of the curve; it was the first country in South Asia to adopt 4G and is making progress towards the rollout of...


While efforts are under way to transform the environment, the start-up ecosystem in Sri Lanka remains underdeveloped. At both a government level and in the private sector, resources are being committed to encourage and support entrepreneurship. These initiatives appear to be paying off, with a significant uptick in activity occurring in recent...