OBG’s coverage of the telecoms sector looks at market structure, regulatory framework, government goals, foreign participation and the roll-out of new technologies. Our ICT analysis reviews hardware and software markets, corporate spending, national bandwidth and government support.
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Innovative technology, administrative developments and the expansion of financial access points have helped transform Ghana into Africa’s fastest-growing mobile money market, according to a new report from the World Bank.


More and more commercial transactions are moving online and the so-called digital economy continues to expand its reach into every facet of the traditional analogue economy. For businesses, this means they have access to new channels to reach existing clients as well as new opportunities to expand market share with a competitive digital...


How has the sector adapted to new technologies, and how will it benefit the broader economy?


With high demand for telecommunications services, an emphasis on innovation in commerce and industry, and the passing of a new ICT law in June 2019, Colombia’s ICT sector is poised to regain momentum in the coming years. According to international analyst BMI Research, the market value of the country’s ICT sector was $6.29bn in 2018, with this...

Chapter | ICT from The Report: Colombia 2019

The ICT sector is one of the most promising sectors in Colombia with high demand for telecommunications services, and an emphasis on innovation in commerce and industry. However, financial challenges, such as changes in interest rates, also significantly impact the growth of ICT due to the long-term nature of investments in the sector. Similarly, companies can struggle to access financing to...

Since the drop in commodity prices in 2014, Colombia’s economy has been recovering and is set to expand in 2019 and 2020. In May 2018 Colombia was invited to become the 37th member of the OECD, a positive development that should increase the country’s international political and economic prominence in the coming decades. However, challenges to ensuring Colombia’s continued economic progress remain.