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    OBG’s energy analysis looks at all aspects of the industry, including exploration and production, domestic usage and exports plus relationships between the government and IOCs. Where applicable, renewable energy, electricity demand, production, power station construction and local potential for nuclear power are analysed.
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L’Algérie a intensifié ses investissements dans les secteurs pétrolier et gazier, lançant de nouveaux projets dans le cadre d’une stratégie qui vise à accroître la production et à développer l’industrie de la transformation pour créer de la valeur ajoutée.

The expansion of a major gas project, the announcement of new finds and investment in downstream oil infrastructure are expected to support fresh growth in Oman’s energy sector.

Newly identified oil and gas deposits are expected to increase momentum in Bahrain’s energy sector and could have a wider economic impact by easing concerns over rising debt levels.

On April 1 Bahraini officials announced initial testing had...

South Africa has stepped up plans to expand renewable energy’s contribution to the power mix, signing a series of new procurement deals that will considerably boost overall capacity and provide greater opportunity for private sector investment.

Interviews & Viewpoints | Hatem Al Mosa: Interview from The Report: Sharjah 2018


How will the emirate maintain its energy security and reduce the gap between supply and demand?


A persistent shortage of gas has been a key challenge to electricity production in recent years, as the emirate’s installed power generation capacity is dominated by gas-powered facilities. State-owned hydrocarbons company Sharjah National Oil Corporation (SNOC) provides locally produced gas to the emirate’s electricity producer, the Sharjah...