From The Report: Sharjah 2023
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Sharjah is positioning itself as a prominent centre for health care and wellness, backed by government commitment and investment in Sharjah Healthcare City. With a focus on preventive care and strong partnerships between academia and industry, Sharjah aims to meet growing demand in the region. Recent developments include a new wellness centre and plans for a medical district, reflecting the emirate’s dedication to advanced health care services.

As the UAE progresses towards mandatory health insurance, Sharjah anticipates new business opportunities and is emphasising affordable health care. The emirate’s strategic location, diverse health care ecosystem and relative cost-competitiveness put it in a strong position to tap into the international medical tourism market. With ongoing partnerships, and a commitment to comprehensive and accessible services, Sharjah is poised to contribute significantly to the overall health and well-being of its population.

This chapter contains an interview with Dr Abdulaziz Al Mheiri, Chairman, Sharjah Health Authority.