From The Report: Sharjah 2023
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Sharjah has emerged as a centre for higher education in the GCC and is home to two universities ranked in the top 500 globally. Federal restructuring has led to the establishment of key entities such as the Federal Authority for Early Childhood Education, indicating a comprehensive approach to education reform.
Noteworthy initiatives include the introduction of Ajyal Schools blending national and US curricula, a four-day school week and a comprehensive training programme to integrate Emirati students into the private sector. Sharjah has also been fostering research and innovation through the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park, attracting global talent and driving innovative. Scholarships, collaborations with private investors and a focus on specialised vocational academies contribute to Sharjah’s goal of building a diversified and high-tech knowledge ecosystem.

This chapter includes an interview with Tod Laursen, Chancellor, American University of Sharjah.