From The Report: Turkey 2015
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Great strides have been made in Turkey’s health care sector since 2003, when the government launched its far-reaching Health Transformation Programme (HTP). The HTP eventually led to the establishment of universal health insurance, while opening services and private hospitals to the majority of Turks. Improvements in patient satisfaction and health indicators have been steady, with infant and maternal mortality declining while life expectancy rises. Ratios of hospital beds, doctors and nurses to patients remain low by European standards. There are also concerns that the national health insurance system may not be sustainable in the long term, as the import-dependent pharmaceuticals market has shown tremendous growth in recent years, while patient numbers and hospital visits continue to rise. The private sector offers some solutions: public-private partnerships will see the number of doctors and hospital beds increase and patient care improve, while rapid expansion in medical tourism will bolster revenues and help the sector mature. As Turkey builds more facilities, 2015 should see a continuation of the trends that have already brought investors, professionals and new patients flocking in.

This chapter contains an interview with Hasan Ulusoy, Chairman, Nobel İlaç.