Capital Markets
From The Report: Sri Lanka 2018
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After an uncertain period, the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) is back on an upward trajectory, supported by the improving economic climate. The market will see significant reforms in 2018 to strengthen regulation, increase the bourse’s independence and efficiency, and broaden the range of products available. While the CSE has had its ups and downs since the civil war ended, its overall trajectory has been positive. Turbulence in recent years led to improvements in regulation, much to the benefit of market stability and transparency. The implementation of long-awaited reforms is a sign that the authorities are putting an emphasis on capital market development. This suggests that there is the potential for new momentum behind the diversification of product offerings and investment platforms, which should draw more investors to the market. This chapter contains interviews with Ray Abeywardane, Chairman, Colombo Stock Exchange; and Dilshan Wirasekara, Director and CEO, First Capital.