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From The Report: South Africa 2016
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South Africa’s media sector is perhaps the largest and most sophisticated on the continent, with more than 850 print titles, around 250 radio stations and 16 television providers offering more than 170 channels. The reach of broadcast in particular is impressive, with a steady rise in channels and advertising revenues in recent years. Ownership is well diversified, with hundreds of independent and community options both in terms of radio and print providing targeted local and language-specific coverage. As in media markets worldwide, traditional mediums are being shaken up by the rise of digital access and “platform agnostic” content consumption, with print readership one of the most visibly impacted mediums. However, the sector also faces broader headwinds, from pressure to allow closer government regulation to job cuts and delayed digital terrestrial migration.

This chapter contains an interview with Koos Bekker, Chairman, Naspers.