From The Report: South Africa 2016
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Contributing more than $15bn per year to the national economy, South Africa’s agriculture sector has historically been one of the strongest on the continent. Diversified and increasingly export-oriented, it enjoyed a strong year in 2014, on the back of a healthy maize crop and demand from abroad. However, 2015 looks set to be a more difficult year for parts of the sector, particularly maize and the related livestock segments, though this is largely due to climate conditions across Southern Africa. A steady recovery is expected once the drought passes, with the most competitive segments of the sector well placed for an eventual resurgence in agricultural commodity prices. Citrus fruit and other higher-value, export-oriented cash crops and niche products are expected to continue their strong performance, particularly as the weaker rand makes South African goods more competitive.

This chapter contains an interview with TP Nchocho, CEO, Land and Agricultural Development Bank of South Africa.