From The Report: Qatar 2012
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The country’s successful bid to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup has lent a renewed urgency for substantial investments in transport infrastructure. The budget, released in May 2012, directs $11bn to the new airport, $5.5bn to a deep-water seaport, $1bn to a transport corridor in Doha and $20bn to roads, part of $95bn in public investment up to 2016. Beyond 2022, the upcoming Doha metro – set for completion in 2026 – will install 358 km of underground rail lines. Although challenges could arise, particularly in managing increasing cargo volumes while new infrastructure is still under construction, the government has been working to coordinate among the several relevant agencies to ensure that the currently available resources are allocated as efficiently as possible.

This chapter includes an interview with Abdul Aziz Mohammed Al Noaimi, Chairman, Civil Aviation Authority.