From The Report: Qatar 2012
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Having gone from being a minor actor on the world energy stage to a pivotal player in less than a decade as part of an expansive strategy, Qatar has tapped its vast gas reserves by engaging international oil companies and building a comprehensive infrastructure network. This approach has allowed Qatar to become the largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter in the world. The state has also pushed its crude oil production levels upwards: production stood at 742,000 bpd in January 2012, up from 732,000 bpd a year earlier. However, the government is also looking to the long-term future of energy security, as there is a strong opportunity cost associated with solar energy providing savings on natural gas usage in the domestic market. This development is an indicator of the growing confidence and maturity of the sector.

This chapter includes interviews with Mohammed bin Saleh Al Sada,
Minister of Energy and Industry; Christophe de Margerie, CEO of TOTAL; and Wael Sawan, Executive Vice-President and Chairman of Qatar Shell and Managing Director of Pearl GTL.