Capital Markets
From The Report: Qatar 2012
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With Qatar’s exchange the best performing in the GCC region for the last two years, the capital markets look set for further development. In comparison to the GCC exchange averages, the Qatar Exchange (QE) scored higher both in terms of price to earnings and price to book value in 2011. In addition, in April 2011, the QE became the first in the region to offer a full delivery-versus-payment (DvP) system, an important step for bringing Qatar in line with international best practices in the arena of settlement services. Going forward, as the country looks to get its new infrastructure development programme under way, the capital markets may play an increasingly vital role in financing these projects.

This chapter includes an interview with Emad Mansour, CEO of Qatar First Investment Bank (QFIB). It also includes a viewpoint with Adel Abdulaziz Khashabi, Head of QNB Financial Services.