Industry & Retail
From The Report: Peru 2019
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The industrial sector returned to growth in 2018, with production, exports and investment growing substantially after four years of contraction. Improvements have come largely through the expansion of manufacturing, including the production of a range of higher-value-added products, along with processed fish and agro-industrial goods. In order to sustain and expand this development, the government is pursuing a number of programmes emphasising the diversification of exports, coupled with domestic policies to improve competitiveness. The retail sector has lead growth in the Latin American market in recent years, driven by the expansion of shopping malls, promotions and discount prices at supermarkets and pharmacies, and an expanding consumer base. The sector is expanding and strengthening its various formats whether that is through increasing store-based retailing or e-commerce, while stakeholders are work to take advantage of the growing middle-class consumer base. This chapter contains an interview with Toshiro Hayashi, CEO, Toyota del Perú.