Telecoms & IT
From The Report: Peru 2016
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Peru’s economic growth of the past decade has spurred significant changes to the country’s telecommunications and IT sectors. In addition to four full-fledged telecommunications operators fighting for market share, the sector anticipates the entrance of mobile virtual network operators in the near future. Meanwhile private investment is being deployed into 4G-network infrastructure across the country in response to the rising use of mobile data. Government plans to improve the reach of broadband through a new fibre-optic network are also helping to bring telecommunications services to more remote areas. Increased competition has brought about a new level of dynamism to the market, encouraging investment by operators and putting downward pressure on profits. A dynamic telecommunications sector is encouraging the expansion of smartphone technology, which has allowed small and medium-sized enterprises to access software and increase IT usage to sustain expansion at affordable costs. This chapter contains an interview with Gonzalo Ruiz, President, OSIPTEL.