From The Report: Papua New Guinea 2020
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Prior to the outbreak of Covid-19, Papua New Guinea’s banking sector was healthy. Liquidity increased substantially over recent decades, with the liquid asset ratio of commercial banks growing from 40% in 2003 to 49.6% in 2017. However, the pandemic has brought substantial macroeconomic challenges throughout the world, leaving no country unaffected. Although PNG has benefitted from its geographical isolation in terms of public health, its economic recovery will be highly dependent on international commodity prices, from where it receives the majority of its foreign currency. Nevertheless, the banking sector remains resilient due to the strength of key market players and decisive action on the part of policymakers. Ongoing policy initiatives to address spatial and social inequalities will prove crucial to the sector’s long-term objectives, as will efforts to boost digital penetration and financial education. This chapter contains interviews with Loi Bakani, Governor, Bank of Papua New Guinea; and Ian Tarutia, CEO, National Superannuation Fund.