From The Report: Papua New Guinea 2015
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Due to several factors, Papua New Guinea is one of the least insured countries in the world. However, the low take-up of insurance is not, in this case, the result of a lack of experience. PNG has had an insurance sector for more than a century and it was once administered by Australia, an historically insurance-conscious society. The problem is more the result of geography, topography and income. Despite its many challenges, the PNG insurance market is healthy and competitive. PNG has no limits on foreign investment in the sector, and foreign insurers are active as investors and as indirect participants through reinsurance and brokerage. The sector is open, profitable and has great potential. Given the low penetration rate and growing economy, more policies will likely be sold and more risk can be covered. Still, the sector must develop, especially in terms of best practices and pricing.

This chapter contains an interview with Philip Tolley, Managing Director, Capital Insurance.