Capital Markets
From The Report: Papua New Guinea 2015
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Of all the subsectors within Papua New Guinea’s financial system, the capital markets are the least mature. The banks are strong, growing and becoming increasingly competitive; the insurance sector has been active for more than a century and is substantial for a developing country; and the superannuation funds are large, stable and vital to PNG society. On the other hand, the stock market has only two brokers, two owners, 18 securities and little liquidity. The lack of capital markets development has not gone unnoticed, and the exchange has been targeted for major upgrades, while the reform of the debt market is being discussed. These efforts have support at the highest levels, with Prime Minister Peter O’Neill backing the transformation of the stock exchange.

This chapter contains a viewpoint from Syd Yates, CEO, Kina Securities; and an interview with Richard Borysiewicz, General Manager, BSP Capital.