From The Report: Papua New Guinea 2015
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The long wait for the Papua New Guinea liquefied natural gas (LNG) project is now over, and the energy sector is transforming from a major investment vehicle into a primary revenue generator for the economy. In fact, the project is expected to have so much of an impact during its first full year of LNG exports that PNG was projected to lead all Asian economies in GDP growth in 2015, at nearly 15%, with the Asian Development Bank forecasting an equally robust expansion. While the government has had to revise its budgetary forecast for GDP growth from 15% to 6.9% due to the decline in oil prices, the optimism generated by the PNG LNG project has encouraged further investment. PNG’s plentiful untapped reserves and resolve to become a major regional gas exporter look to provide ample incentive and means to move forward with at least one additional LNG project.

This chapter contains interviews with Grant Christie, Vice-President and Country Manager, Talisman Energy, Repsol Group; Philippe Blanchard, Managing Director, Total PNG; Brent Emmett, CEO, Horizon Oil; and Lesieli Taviri, General Manager, Origin Energy.