From The Report: Morocco 2018
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In the late 1990s King Mohammed VI chose to use Tangiers as a catalyst for the transformation of the north by turning the historically sidelined region into a motor of the national economy. In the past decade, the region has seen the launch of a new economic development plan, leveraging Tangier’s strategic location at the Strait of Gibraltar. At the confluence of these key maritime routes is the cornerstone of the city’s multi-sector development strategy: the Tanger-Med port complex, which unleashed the region economic potential. Ongoing projects such as the Mohammed VI Tech City bode well for the future of the region, which is well positioned to attract further global players in increasingly complex, technology-intensive industries. One of Tangiers’ key challenges for the future will be the extension of the benefits from increased foreign direct investment to the rest of the region, including more isolated areas such as Al Hoceima.