From The Report: Morocco 2018
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Agriculture remains a key contributor to Morocco’s economy, accounting for about 15% of GDP in 2016. The sector generates nearly 40% of employment and over 10% of exports, and the industry’s development plan has benefitted both agricultural productivity and resiliency. Numerous initiatives, such as incentives and measures to ease access to land, improve irrigation systems and contribute to segment-specific growth, should bolster prospects in the medium to long term. However, adding value to agricultural products remains an area for further progress. A public programme is seeking to incentivise the enhancement of production capacity, the development of exports, and the modernisation of marketing and distribution. The kingdom is also set to continue playing a key role in supporting growth of agricultural yields and battling the effects of climate change.

This chapter contains an interview with Hassan Sentissi, President, National Federation of Seafood Processing and Development Industries.