From The Report: Morocco 2018
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The need to diversify production capacity and create jobs has been pushing Morocco to invest in its industrial sector. Industrial activities have traditionally focused on agro-industrial production; however, the kingdom is looking to leverage burgeoning segments such as automotive and aeronautics. Outlining the expansion of manufacturing under a series of government-led programmes, a host of emerging business lines are gradually becoming essential for generating exports. Through the creation of interlinked production clusters, both the government and private investors are setting the stage for industries such as automotive production, agro-industry and aeronautic components manufacturing to become central to the economy.

This chapter contains interviews with Amine Louali, President, Moroccan Steel Industry Association and Deputy CEO, Maghreb Steel; Noureddine Gnaou, CEO, Soremar Group; and Benbrahim El Andaloussi, President, Institut des Métiers de l’Aéronautique.