From The Report: Morocco 2016
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Capitalising on its strategic location and promising economic environment, the Moroccan transport sector has made significant strides in recent years. A range of major upgrades and expansions to roads, ports, railways and airports have continued to press forward, despite challenges such as the eurozone debt crisis, regional political instability and a tightening of the state budget. Looking ahead, the private sector is set to play an increasing role in financing and managing transport infrastructure. Significant investment in road construction has improved connections between newly developed industrial areas and port infrastructure, and the benefits of lower distribution costs are beginning to appear. Improvements to urban transport, particularly in Casablanca, will help further improve connectivity and reduce congestion, while ambitious plans to expand aviation and maritime infrastructure will ensure a gradual rise in capacity.

This chapter contains interviews with Aziz Rabbah, Minister of Equipment, Transport and Logistics; and Mohamed Benouda, CEO, SNTL Group.