Industry & Mining
From The Report: Morocco 2016
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With a vision to create jobs and spur growth across the economy, the Moroccan government has focused considerable attention on developing the industrial sector in recent years. Under the framework of several government strategies, key manufacturing segments – including automotive and aeronautic components and agro-industry – have seen injections of capital and the rollout of specialised infrastructure, training facilities and fiscal incentives, helping to transform Morocco’s industrial sector over the past decade. Investments continue in the relatively young aeronautics and automotive industries, and in the recently lagging textiles and pharmaceuticals segments. In the phosphates-dominated mining sector, authorities have sought to increase activity in underdeveloped segments, passing a new mining code after the commodity price drop with the aim of attracting foreign investment, boosting capacity and spurring a more diverse range of output. If local operators and foreign players are able to improve their cooperation, further development of the industrial sector is likely to follow.

This chapter contains interviews with Philippe Petitcolin, CEO and Director, Safran; and Ali Bennis, President, Laprophan.