Telecoms & IT
From The Report: Morocco 2016
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Since its liberalisation in 1997, Morocco’s telecoms sector has experienced substantial growth driven by the entry of new operators, a rapid increase in mobile subscribers and rising consumption of voice and data services. Despite the sector’s potential, user revenue growth has slowed in recent years due to fierce price competition among the main providers. Operators seeking new springboards for growth are therefore exploring a capital-intensive push towards data offerings. In the IT sector, having made an early drive for development in the mid-1990s, Morocco has managed to carve out a sizeable niche for itself in selected areas such as offshoring and electronic payments. The government is now working on a new strategy, Plan Maroc Numeric 2020 – a successor to the previous Plan Maroc Numeric 2013 – aimed at building on the country’s international position in cost-competitive IT services, while emphasising greater diversification and entrepreneurship.

This chapter contains an interview with Nadia Fassi-Fehri, CEO, Inwi.