From The Report: Mexico 2019
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With an economy traditionally based on mining, Hidalgo had lagged behind some of Mexico’s more prosperous and dynamic regions. However, the new administration has actively sought to foster growth in new sectors including renewable energy, sustainable transport, agro-industry, pharmaceuticals and chemicals; develop infrastructure; and create a more business-friendly regulatory framework. As a result of these efforts, it has recently recorded growth and foreign direct investment figures that exceed the national average. Hidalgo also has several advantages including close proximity to Mexico City and major road networks, a range of both new and well-established industries operating in the area, and a young and educated workforce. This chapter contains interviews with Omar Fayad Meneses, Governor of Hidalgo; José Luis Romo Cruz, Executive Secretary of Public Policy; Sergio Vargas Téllez, Secretary of Economic Development, State of Hidalgo; Camilo Serrano, General Manager for Mexico, Atlas Renewable Energy; and Cassiano De Stefano, CEO, Grupo Modelo.