Automotive & Aerospace
From The Report: Mexico 2019
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Over the last two decades Mexico has consolidated its position as the leading automotive exporter in Latin America and a major player in the industry worldwide. The country hosts production plants from nine major international automakers, manufacturing passenger vehicles, light and heavy tractors and trucks, in addition to plastic, aluminium and steel component. The country is also steadily emerging as an important regional and international player in the aerospace industry. Demand for commercial aircraft is expected to double globally by 2035, and it is well situated to leverage its position to increase domestic and foreign investment in the industry. Mexico has a specialised and skilled workforce and unparalleled access to the US market. Manufacturers are preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution by training workers in new design and production processes. This chapter contains interviews with Steffen Reiche, CEO, Volkswagen de México; and Daniel Parfait, President, Safran México.