Energy & Utilities
From The Report: Mexico 2019
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Mexico’s energy and utilities sector has benefitted from increased openness and competition brought about by the 2013 energy reform. Although recent policy changes have sought to limit the involvement of foreign and private firms, there are still significant opportunities for investment, particularly as the national oil company struggles to reduce its debt. Although political risk and uncertainty are likely to deter investors, private firms are still expected to play an important role in assisting smaller local providers. As demand continues to rise, investment in upstream projects is aiming to solve the problem of dwindling crude oil and natural gas resources, and ensure the country possesses enough resources for the future. In addition, despite the new government cancelling clean energy auctions, private developments and deals in the renewables segment are moving forward, with multiple solar energy projects under way. This chapter contains an interview with Tania Ortiz, CEO, IEnova.