From The Report: Indonesia 2015
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The year 2015 marks the second year of the roll out of universal health care in Indonesia. The plan saw a challenging launch in 2014, but administrators and lawmakers are continuing to work toward the target of full implementation by 2019. As more people seek health care because they have coverage, more hospitals are needed, as are more medical staff. Analysts blame regulation disparities, poor health care infrastructure and an urban-rural gap in the number of medical staff attending to each region for the potential difficulty in meeting the 2019 deadline. However, having made universal health care a top priority, the government is determined to overcome these challenges.

This chapter contains a dialogue with Jorge Wagner, President-Director, Boehringer Ingelheim Indonesia, and Bernadette Ruth Irawati Setiady, President-Director, Kalbe Pharma; and an interview with Andi Wijaya, Chairman, Prodia.