From The Report: Ghana 2020
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Rising commodity prices and vast untapped reserves have boosted interest in Ghana’s mining sector. As production continues along an upward trajectory, government policy aims to leverage the mineral wealth by building up refining capacity, introducing new legal frameworks, and attracting private sector partners to support the development of infrastructure and local industry. Mining has grown steadily, driven by stable commodity prices and increased global demand. As output improves, the government looks set to continue attracting private sector partners to build refining capacity for the large bauxite and gold reserves. New legal frameworks and institutions have been set in motion to support the sector and tighter government regulations are boosting revenue. Such initiatives are creating an attractive investment environment, promoting long-term growth and supporting the establishment of value-added industries. This chapter also contains interviews with Sulemanu Koney, CEO, Ghana Chamber of Mines; and Nick Holland, CEO and Executive Director, Gold Fields.