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From The Report: Gabon 2016
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Already the most developed market in Central Africa, according to the International Telecommunications Union, the expansion of Gabon’s ICT sector is high on the government’s priority list for the coming years, as it continues to push for economic diversification and private sector development. In 2015 the sector accounted for 5% of the economy, according to the National Agency for Digital Infrastructure and Frequencies. However, the government has laid out ambitious strategies to broaden access and inclusion, which will require significant capital investments, particularly in rural areas, which may become more difficult in light of the government’s slowing revenues.

This chapter contains a roundtable with Abderrahim Koumaa, Director-General, Gabon Telecom; Alain Kahasha, Managing Director, Airtel Gabon; and George Akoury, CEO, Azur Gabon.