ICT & Innovation
From The Report: Egypt 2020
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Economic diversification has been a boon to Egypt’s digital transformation in recent years. The government aims to develop the country into a regional and global centre for ICT, and efforts are being made to strengthen the regulatory framework, reduce the risk of cyberthreats and expand the telecommunications network. In particular, the rollout of 4G has led to a rise in data consumption and provided an opportunity for operators to develop new products. The introduction of 5G in the coming years will continue this trend and is set to play a key role in the country’s future, especially as it opens the New Administrative Capital, Egypt’s first smart city. Meanwhile, the start-up ecosystem is increasingly dynamic, supported by initiatives aimed at widening access to financing. The Covid-19 pandemic has made the sector even more central to economic development, with the impact of the virus accelerating the digitalisation of government entities and businesses. This chapter contains an interview with Adel Hamed, CEO, Telecom Egypt.