Transport & Logistics
From The Report: Colombia 2014
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Colombia’s transport sector is set to undergo significant expansion in the next few years, much of which is owed to the current flagship fourth-generation road concession programme. The development of land transportation networks has become a top priority as the National Infrastructure Agency aims to increase roads under concession from 6000 km to 11,000 km, revitalise the aged railway network and raise rail lines under operation from 900 km to more than 2000 km. Expansion of port infrastructure, which has already benefitted from successful public-private concessions, will also make the country better equipped to deal with rising cargo inflows stemming from enhanced trade. Meanwhile, the increasing number of travellers is spurring improvements in air transport. While the current model for public-private partnerships presents some challenges as a means to attract foreign direct investment, government efforts to improve access to financing and ultimately increase interest in road concessions continue. This chapter contains interviews with Cecilia Álvarez-Correa, former Minister of Transport; Luis Fernando Andrade, President, National Infrastructure Agency; and Eleuberto Antonio Martorelli, President, Odebrecht Colombia.