Trade & Investment
From The Report: Argentina 2018
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After going through a period of recession in 2016, epitomised by a sharp drop in both trade and investment, the new administration’s market-friendly policies have begun to show positive results, with investment returning to 2015 levels, despite the liberalisation of capital controls. While stronger economic growth has seen imports increase, exports have not risen at a commensurate rate, widening the trade deficit. In this context, improving the country’s global competitiveness in exports remains one of the key challenges for the current administration. Argentina’s large internal market, availability of natural resources, agriculture and agro-industrial potential, and strong human capital – combined with market friendly policies and reforms at the administrative level – should provide the necessary impetus to reopen trade to the rest of the world. This chapter includes a dialogue with Daniel Herrero, CEO, Toyota Argentina and Hernán Vázquez, CEO, Volkswagen Argentina; and an interview with Juan Pablo Tripodi, Executive President, Argentina Investment and Trade Promotion Agency.