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From The Report: Argentina 2018
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Accounting for roughly 16.7% of Argentina’s GDP, manufacturing was the largest contributor to the economy in 2017. Industrial output is highly diversified within the sector. In 2017 food and beverage processing comprised 30.9% of gross production value. This was followed by chemicals manufacturing (13.6%); motor vehicle and auto parts manufacturing (7.4%); petroleum refining and nuclear fuel (6.4%); and base metals production (5.7%). While estimates vary, the government predicts that construction, agriculture and energy production, along with the continuation of liberalising reforms, will encourage economic growth in 2018. After the manufacturing industry, the wholesale, retail and repairs sector is the second-largest component of Argentine GDP, contributing 13% in 2017. Looking forward, retail will witness a moderate growth tied to the improving performance of the economy and the reconfiguration of financial policies. This chapter includes interviews with Dante Sica, Minister of Production; and Miguel Acevedo, President, Argentine Industrial Union.