From The Report: Algeria 2018
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The high food import bill, a growing population and effects from climate change are behind Algeria’s drive to increase local food output. Food production improved between 2007 and 2018 thanks to efforts to clear some of the obstacles that have traditionally hindered the sector’s development, such as financing, legislation, insufficient infrastructure and land ownership. While the record cereals harvest was a highlight of 2018, Algeria is still quite a way off from significantly reducing its import bill for food products. However, great gains wait to be made with the wider application of irrigation and mechanisation, in addition to ensuring underutilised land is reallocated to players who will develop it to its full potential. This chapter contains interviews with Nabil Assaf, Representative, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN; and M’hamed Metidji, CEO, Metidji Group, and President, National Interprofessional Council for Cereals.