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Actionable business intelligence on opportunities for commerce, trade and investment

Get expert, on-the-ground insights into the latest business and economic trends in . Produced by a dedicated team of in-country analysts and researchers, The Report: Nigeria 2017 - ICT provides the in-depth business intelligence you need to evaluate, enter and excel in the market.

Features and Benefits

Go behind the scenes through exclusive interviews with influential leaders in the government, public and private sectors.

Inform your market-entry strategies with sector-by-sector overviews of the main trends, opportunities and challenges.

Get up to speed with conversations in local boardrooms through in-depth and thought-provoking analyses of the most topical economic and business issues.

Leverage comparative research to spotlight synergies, competitive advantages and areas for improvement.

Forecast scenarios for the year ahead, using a combination of hard stats and expert analysis, in a concise format designed to save you time.

Make data-driven business decisions with digestible macroeconomic and sector indicators and infographics

Suitable for


Executives and entrepreneurs

Bankers and hedge fund managers

Journalists and communications professionals

Consultants and advisers of all kinds

Academics and students

Government and policy-research delegations

Diplomats and expatriates


“The most concise and authoritative guide to the business and economics available on emerging markets.”

“The Report is what you read before you go.”

“There are simply no other publications available on these countries with the level of interviews that I can access in The Report.”

“Simply the most accurate and comprehensive reports on emerging markets available.”

"A stellar analysis of the economy.”

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