Third Party Event

13 Dec 2017

Ubicua, the first prime coworking space in Lima, will open its inaugural business centre in the Prisma Business Tower building on December 13th, 2017

In an era when businesses face greater challenges, higher levels of uncertainty and the need to implement a more flexible cost structure, a growing number of entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses and even multinationals are finding that the traditional office setup doesn’t always suit their requirements.

The concept of coworking first emerged in San Francisco as early as 2005. However, it has built considerable momentum over the last decade, first across the US and Europe, and more recently in Latin America, where it has begun to gain considerable pace in recent years.  

The main advantages of coworking compared to a traditional office setup are:

– Savings in high implementation costs at early stages and other structure expenses, such as high-speed internet, electricity, telephone, cleaning, security and maintenance.

– Flexibility to grow according to the real needs of the company and avoid paying for unnecessary, additional space.

– The opportunity to keep the focus on the business.

Coworking allows you to eliminate the burden of managing an office by leaving that side of things to a turnkey service and personalized management.

In addition, Ubicua offers access to premium spaces, A+ building, personalized attention, comfortable and fully equipped work spaces suitable for between one and twenty positions.

Oxford Business Group has recently set up operations in Ubicua. We will be happy to share our experience there with you.

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Prisma Business Tower, Av. Juan de Aliaga 425, 4th floor, Magdalena


Open Day from 12:30, Cocktail 19:30