Third Party Event

31 Oct 2019

Join us for the Economic Grid Lecture Series, taking place on Thursday 31st October 2019 at the Capital Club in Nairobi, Kenya.

It is said that MSMEs constitute 50% of employment globally, but in Africa, this share is estimated to be over 70%. It is also generally accepted internationally that the drivers of economic growth and long-term sustainability lie in the effective development of these small businesses. MSMEs are truly the engine of Africa, and a modest investment in value chain industrialisation of the same can lead to tremendous economic growth across the continent.
Lessons from Asia – mainly China and India – in how cottage industries have evolved to become large multinationals offer success stories in this area. Indeed, there are collaborations beginning between China and Africa, with stakeholders from each region meeting in Nairobi in mid-2019 at a conference called the China-Africa Digital Financial Inclusion Summit to build a base for more economic coordination.
This month’s Economic Grid Lecture Series focuses on economic value chains and exploitation potential of the MSME sector in Africa, and how to accelerate the growth momentum. We look forward to having you engage with our distinguished panel in this boundless topic.

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