Third Party Event

10 May 2018 - 13 May 2018

The event will bring together professionals and experts related with the agricultural sector for all around the world and offer them a perfect platform to network with each other. The event also works as an ideal interaction platform between the farm producers and the Agro Industry.

By creating linkages for value creation and value addition, the exhibition offers varied business opportunities to the technology holders as well as practical learning to the technology users.

More than 300 exhibiting from local and international exhibitors will participate in this event with the total area of exhibition ground is 15.000 sqm. It will attract 20.000 audiences from 20 countries and regions to visit.

Why should participate?

  • Indonesia is a huge fertile agrarian country with the population over 250 million, the fourth rank most populous countries in the world.
  • The government of Indonesia gives important attention to the development of agriculture to meet domestic food demand as well as to export to other countries.
  • As Indonesia is a huge and fertile agrarian country it has the potency to become world food supplier.
  • Indonesian imported food every year amounting to US$ 3,849 Million.
  • In order to meet the domestic food demand and the export as well, the productivity of farmers should be increased by implementing modern agriculture technology and machinery.
  • Indonesia spends US$ 2,175 Million for the development of agriculture in the year 2018.
  • Indonesia Modern Agriculture Expo 2018 is a platform or a meeting point for manufactures, importers and the farmers to set up ideal business cooperation.
  • Indonesia economy positively growth 5.01% annually thank to political and security stability.

Exhibitor Requirements:
Agriculture machinery and equipment, agri chemicals, irrigation technology, seed technology, garden technology