Third Party Event

13 Mar 2018 - 16 Mar 2018

Therefore, corporate strategic planning is critical to business success, even if the planning process takes time and resources.

As your business becomes larger and more complex, strategy formulation will need to become more sophisticated, both to sustain growth and to help you muster the leadership and resources you need to keep your business developing. Extensive data collection and analysis will also take place, so that strategic planning leaders understand how your business is operating internally and how conditions develop in both current and potential markets in order to better achieve your business objectives.

Featuring global case studies, but predominantly in Asia, Equip Global is proud to announce the Strategic Planning Summit 2018 in Singapore from 13-16 March 2018. This 4-Day conference will focus on gathering strategic planning heads and managers and organizational leaders to look at the latest innovation, proven strategies and lessons learned in best practice strategic planning.

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